(banca [bárjka] < Italian banca via French banque 'bank or banking')
   1) Chicago: 1921. According to Blevins, "a gambling game played with dice or cards." He points out that this is not the same game as the Spanish banca, but it may be related.
   2) Hendrickson glosses the term as "a swindler or cheat." Probably originally came from the Spanish game banca. Blevins indicates that "the verb form 'to bunko someone' and the compounds that have come from bunko (such as bunko artist, bunko game, and bunko joint) are not Westernisms." The DRAE describes the card game banca as a game in which the dealer lays down a certain amount of money and the rest of the players choose cards and make bets. Card games like this one were popular diversions for the cowboy in saloons and cantinas throughout the West.
   Alternate form: bunco.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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